2018 You Were Fun

Personal favorite moments from 2018 via my   instagram

Personal favorite moments from 2018 via my instagram

I’ll just say it. 2018 was fun- we got our hands on some really great projects with clients that were adventurous and open-minded. If you look back at my posts on instagram we’ve been busy with big kitchen and bath renovations, room redesigns and even some e-design.

But 2018 wasn’t without it’s personal and professional ups and downs either. Like many of you, I struggle with owning and running my own business while juggling being a wife, a mom and a friend. At any point of my day, I am usually failing at one of these things. Interior design is the opposite of effortless and running a business is not for the faint of heart. It is a constant challenge to be to be creative and put yourself out there all while staying on top of the day to day.

As we are ending the first month of 2019 I have been thinking a lot how I want to plan out my year. What do I want this year to look like? Lately, I’ve been reflecting on past mistakes and making the choice to do better and be better. I am evaluating my current systems (or lack thereof) and looking for ways to improve upon them. I am listening to podcasts that are sharing the stories of smart entrepreneurs and reminding myself to fear less and to be more open. There is a huge lane of opportunity when allow yourself to be both strong and vulnerable at the same time.

I’ve also decided that blogging should not be dead. I’ve even dusted off the old SLR for you….

Stay tuned. Or don’t but we have some exciting stuff happening including a few project reveals. We also recently demo-ed a previously hideous three bedroom oceanfront condo where we are using porcelain wood tile in a herringbone pattern for the first time (a little anxious about this…) that I’ll start sharing progress on.