2018 You Were Fun

Personal favorite moments from 2018 via my   instagram

Personal favorite moments from 2018 via my instagram

I’ll just say it. 2018 was fun- we got our hands on some really great projects with clients that were adventurous and open-minded. If you look back at my posts on instagram we’ve been busy with big kitchen and bath renovations, room redesigns and even some e-design.

But 2018 wasn’t without it’s personal and professional ups and downs either. Like many of you, I struggle with owning and running my own business while juggling being a wife, a mom and a friend. At any point of my day, I am usually failing at one of these things. Interior design is the opposite of effortless and running a business is not for the faint of heart. It is a constant challenge to be to be creative and put yourself out there all while staying on top of the day to day.

As we are ending the first month of 2019 I have been thinking a lot how I want to plan out my year. What do I want this year to look like? Lately, I’ve been reflecting on past mistakes and making the choice to do better and be better. I am evaluating my current systems (or lack thereof) and looking for ways to improve upon them. I am listening to podcasts that are sharing the stories of smart entrepreneurs and reminding myself to fear less and to be more open. There is a huge lane of opportunity when allow yourself to be both strong and vulnerable at the same time.

I’ve also decided that blogging should not be dead. I’ve even dusted off the old SLR for you….

Stay tuned. Or don’t but we have some exciting stuff happening including a few project reveals. We also recently demo-ed a previously hideous three bedroom oceanfront condo where we are using porcelain wood tile in a herringbone pattern for the first time (a little anxious about this…) that I’ll start sharing progress on.



19.995 Million Dollars is how much you will need to hand over  in order to move into Grey Gardens, which is now on the market again. Not my exact flavor but I can appreciate the Sister Parish influences throughout and of course, the location is not bad either.

+ Before & After: Project Wedgwood +


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE an all white kitchen and I am excited to finally reveal the before and after of the Wedgwood Kitchen Project I finished a (long) while back. The homeonwners wanted to update the kitchen and create a timeless space that was bright and airy. I think we achieved that and more! The footprint stayed the same but we replaced the countertops, painted the existing cabinets white and added new hardware. The big splurges were the of course, the Carrara marble countertops, that beautiful apron front sink and single hole faucet. We added new hardwoods throughout the whole first floor (there was carpeting in the living an dining area) and added statement lighting in the entryway, dining (not photographed) and above the counter stools. Without further adieu...




Photography By:  Wynne Earle

Photography By: Wynne Earle

Selling our House: Bathroom Renovation

We are currently in the throws of a quickie basement renovation before we list the house. After looking at nearby comp sets and meeting with a few real estate agents, we decided that we needed to make the investment to finish out the basement so that we can really take advantage of the Seattle market right now. 

The trick in all of this is to add value to the house but not spend a fortune doing it. I have to say that it is a little underwhelming to select inexpensive materials for our projects but the chase of doing enough but not too much is very fun.

So let's take a look at this bathroom situation shall we? 

Cool outhouse right? This is what the previous owners called a 1/4 bath. I mean, thanks but NO THANKS! Nice towels though, those really help.  Also note: I have absolutely no idea what that box to the left of that toilet is. 

OH! THAT TOILET! Almost forgot to mention that when you flush the toilet, water comes out of that faucet up there on the top. Thumbs up to that. 

Our contractors are working out the plumbing right now and when we are all said and done it will be a true 1.75 bathroom with a standing shower. 


Sadly, no tile going in here and it is really nothing to necessarily write home about but I did layer in a few unexpected details I hope the newbies will appreciate. The toilet will be stupid easy to clean and I ended up choosing a wall mount sink to open up the space. It turns out that cheap vanities look suuuupercheeeaaap. The wallpaper, mirror and sconces will hopefully dress it all up a bit. That wallpaper though, I couldn't resist. 





An Updated Bedroom For My Kids

I have been scratching my head on how to decorate the kids' room for months now because the design needs to be gender-neutral while still being whimsy and fun for both. Since we are planning to putting the house on the market at the end of the summer, it's either do or die at this point to come up with something simple and sweet that the littles can enjoy without investing a ton of effort or money.

To save money, I am going to work around their existing beds from the land of nod. I need to address the importance of providing some much needed storage and want to introduce some new layers of lighting. This preliminary mood board is a starting point but you'll have to wait to see how I pull it all together. I'm obviously going for a safari theme with the paper mache animal heads but I want to add a touch of bohemian flare...

Maybe when this is all said and done, the littles will love their new room so much, that they'll want to sleep in their beds (instead of ours) the entire night? 

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We Almost Bought a Hotel

Nope. You did not read the title if this post incorrectly. We almost bought an eight room b&b located right outside of St. Petersburg, Florida but at the last minute we decided to rescind our offer because the financing seemed a bit too risky. 

But let's back up a minute...

Kevin and I have long talked about us owning a hotel eventually. He is passionate about hospitality and although I don't necessarily share that same  passion, I have a lot of experience in the industry and dream one day of being able to brand and design something of our own.  

This past January, during the endlessly grey winter in Seattle, Kevin sunk into a bit of depression (unhappy with work, always a little on edge, envious of people doing their own thing), which is strange because he is generally a very positive person. The winter months are really tough here, really tough. For days out of the year, it barely seems light outside. Sure, there is also the rain but it's that constant darkness that sneaks into your soul and steals your sunshine. 

So we started doing some research as to where we wanted to go next as we pretty much agreed another winter in Seattle was improbable. We had been to Florida visiting family last November and had casually been looking at hotels for sale in the area. There are so many and they are all sooo bad. Poorly run, unkept and void of any service or charm (think seashells and dolphins, BLAH). Everywhere you look on the West Coasts, cute little b&b's are popping up, airbnb is allowing us to peak into some drool worthy spaces and restaurant an retail design is pretty much awesome. So why not Florida? 

Enter my in-laws. Maybe their motive to get us down there is two-fold (hello grandkids) but they started helping us look at spaces while Kevin and I researched the market. We fell in love with an oceanfront mansion turned b&b, fell in love, hired a lawyer, made an offer, got rejected, made another offer, offer was accepted-we looked for financing (not easy), found financing and then after reading the fine print, got cold feet and rescinded. 

I felt depressed for the next two days. All that happened in about two-three months. The hardest part of the emotional rollercoaster of buying a place like that is that there is just so much waiting and not knowing if you should sign your kid up for summer camp or put a deposit down for preschool. When do we quit our jobs? What do I do if my projects aren't finished by the time we are supposed to leave,? When do we put our house on the market? It's brutal. 

After the initial depression of coming so close and not actually holding the keys in our hands in the end went away, clarity soon followed and we realized we had made the right decision for us. It was such a learning experience and we can't wait to start hitting the pavement again in search of the one. This time, we will be there in person, find those pockets that would embrace our story and be more sure of what we are getting ourselves into.

I have to admit that although I tried to not get overly attached to the idea of designing this one, I couldn't stop myself and started a pinterest board. I fell in love with the idea of doing something kitschy in the powder room and fell down a rabbit hole of toile wallpaper. Sort of obsessed right now. 

A nod the Florida Keys and to Earnest Hemingway's cats...

A basket and hat wall that guests could take for their day on the beach...

Outdoor inspiration...

Richly saturated velvet sofa with tufting...

Dope Hotels that Actually Have Character

There is a lot of talk about hotels and hospitality in general in our family. What we like, who's doing something new, what big brands are buying out other big brands and also what we want to do one day when we stop working for the man and start working on our passion project; our own hotel.

Not sure exactly what is in the cards for the future but it doesn't hurt to look at who's doing things right. Sure, the big corporate hotels are good as far as knowing what you are going to get. I mean some places infuse the same scent in their hotels so whether you are on the East Coast or the West, overseas or in Idaho; it smells the SAME. I find it weird but some find if comforting.

Hotel Covell: I pretty much love everything about this place. Intimate, thoughtfully designed, a spot on twist on what we think of when we imagine a B&B. Check out the green panel tufted banquet (not shown here). It's everything.
The Jennings Hotelis the first kickstarter created hotel and is also an artist residency. When you go to book a room it takes you to the airbnb website which I find interesting. I feel like hotels are adverse to using a site like that but I think hotels will begin to accept it as an opportunity eventually.
Ace Hotel Los AngelosI have long been a fan of Ace Hotels as I feel like they helped pioneer the affordable, non traditional but extremely well designed hotel concept. I think they have helped encourage consumers and owners to think more creatively when it comes to the overnight stay.
Hotel G San FranciscoI stayed here a year ago and I loved everything about this hotel. With a nod to mid century design, a great location and attention to detail, they are #winning. I know that this particular property struggled to find it's voice in the past and wrestled so much with union litigation that they literally shut the building down for a few years to remedy the problem, if you will. It seems like the new ownership finally got things right. There is nothing they did not think of when designing this spot, it's really a tucked away gem.
The Palladium: is a newer hotel in Seattle, owned by Kimpton and already making a name for itself here in the Emerald City. 

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The Bedroom of my DREAMS

Let me put it out there that although I am quite capable of telling people what I think they should do to a room, decisions are much more difficult on the homefront. We did a renovation to our little home last year and have been S L O W L Y editing and adding things to make it more cozy. I can confidently say that the living room is almost "done" and want to start working on the bedrooms. Both our bedroom and the kids room is sort of a disaster. And I am being kind. 

But this bedroom...it's the stuff dreams are made off. Seriously yes please. 

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Powder Room Revamp

I dream of the the day that I finally have a house with a powder room, what a serious luxury. My tribe and I share a bathroom (two littles and the husband) and it gets a little cramped. There's also the lack of privacy and the mess - I literally cannot keep it clean for more than a couple hours which is pretty much not ideal.

But for now, I'm happy to settle on living vicariously through my clients'. Here is what I'm thinking for the small (very small) powder room that hangs off their kitchen. Initially, their priorities did not include the powder room so we really have to be mindful of where we spend. It would be fun to go nuts but I think that we can totally turn this place around without having to spend one million dollars.

Client Bright White Powder Room

The client is pretty traditional and doesn't love a ton of color. I started with that gorgeous bucket sink and then the sconces. I happened to stumble upon the wood and jute mirror and I think it will help warm up the space a bit, it might actually be my favorite part of the design. I went with a ticking woven rug for the floor even though I secretly want to do something bright and vintage in there.

So long for now.... ohh, if anyone can tell me how KJ and I should celebrate our seven year (what? really?) anniversary on Friday I am currently taking suggestions. I kind of just wanna go to our favorite watering hole and eat sardines with salsa verde and drink bubbly but that's what we always do. 



Five Reasons Why Layered Rugs Are Awesome

On a slightly personal note, I am on the hunt for a few rugs for the house (it's been quite difficult to commit to anything so we are currently RUGLESS!!!) I love the look of layered rugs, especially when done with an inexpensive natural material (like jute) underneath and something more vintage and interesting on top.

It's definitely a big trend these days and here are five reasons why.