Selling our House: Bathroom Renovation

We are currently in the throws of a quickie basement renovation before we list the house. After looking at nearby comp sets and meeting with a few real estate agents, we decided that we needed to make the investment to finish out the basement so that we can really take advantage of the Seattle market right now. 

The trick in all of this is to add value to the house but not spend a fortune doing it. I have to say that it is a little underwhelming to select inexpensive materials for our projects but the chase of doing enough but not too much is very fun.

So let's take a look at this bathroom situation shall we? 

Cool outhouse right? This is what the previous owners called a 1/4 bath. I mean, thanks but NO THANKS! Nice towels though, those really help.  Also note: I have absolutely no idea what that box to the left of that toilet is. 

OH! THAT TOILET! Almost forgot to mention that when you flush the toilet, water comes out of that faucet up there on the top. Thumbs up to that. 

Our contractors are working out the plumbing right now and when we are all said and done it will be a true 1.75 bathroom with a standing shower. 


Sadly, no tile going in here and it is really nothing to necessarily write home about but I did layer in a few unexpected details I hope the newbies will appreciate. The toilet will be stupid easy to clean and I ended up choosing a wall mount sink to open up the space. It turns out that cheap vanities look suuuupercheeeaaap. The wallpaper, mirror and sconces will hopefully dress it all up a bit. That wallpaper though, I couldn't resist. 





Powder Room Revamp

I dream of the the day that I finally have a house with a powder room, what a serious luxury. My tribe and I share a bathroom (two littles and the husband) and it gets a little cramped. There's also the lack of privacy and the mess - I literally cannot keep it clean for more than a couple hours which is pretty much not ideal.

But for now, I'm happy to settle on living vicariously through my clients'. Here is what I'm thinking for the small (very small) powder room that hangs off their kitchen. Initially, their priorities did not include the powder room so we really have to be mindful of where we spend. It would be fun to go nuts but I think that we can totally turn this place around without having to spend one million dollars.

Client Bright White Powder Room

The client is pretty traditional and doesn't love a ton of color. I started with that gorgeous bucket sink and then the sconces. I happened to stumble upon the wood and jute mirror and I think it will help warm up the space a bit, it might actually be my favorite part of the design. I went with a ticking woven rug for the floor even though I secretly want to do something bright and vintage in there.

So long for now.... ohh, if anyone can tell me how KJ and I should celebrate our seven year (what? really?) anniversary on Friday I am currently taking suggestions. I kind of just wanna go to our favorite watering hole and eat sardines with salsa verde and drink bubbly but that's what we always do.