Blogging On My Mind....

Blogging. I'm honestly tempted.  I've dangled my feet in these waters before and it's never bode well. I've honestly never really committed to posting on the regular because I am realist and know my real life will always supersede my desire to put any time or effort into an online presence. 

But life has become weird and great and wonderful and terrible and for some reason, I keep telling myself to write about it. So maybe I fucking will. Maybe I'll write about all the shit that is going right and inevitably wrong these days. Maybe I'll talk about what I am learning at the job that robs me of weekends with my family. Or perhaps a therapeutic vent about my recent revelation that relationships and friendships change for better or worse as we grow and do our own things and have our own families will make me feel less sad. Maybe I'll start sharing all the juicy details of a project that my husband and I are going after hard. 

The struggle is real. And so is the joy. 

Also, can we please look at Jenni Kayne's home in Tahoe? Domino featured her home in their most recent issue but I first spotted it months ago here and fell in love. A major life goal of mine is to be able to buy a lakefront vacation property in Michigan where we can all gather and spend time with family and friends.