Bucket List: Seattle

Moving to Seattle almost 2.5 years ago was quite honestly, very hard. We had lived in San Francisco for most of our twenties and some of my greatest friends and fondest memories were curated in that city. It's where Kevin and I became a team, where we adopted our first dog and had our first child. 

But The Emerald City has slowly grown on me. I finally feel like I have a supportive group of friends in my life, my babies are happy and I can open my back door to let my dog out with ease. The topography is beautiful and green and luscious and the long summer days are what dreams are made of. Sure, there is an insane amount of rain that happens during the winter months and there's a period in November where the sun never really seems to come up and that totally sucks but overall, it's a great place to live. It feels more family friendly than The Bay and it is (for now) less expensive. Sometimes the vibe even reminds me of a younger SF before the twitters, the linkedins and facebooks started calling it home. 

My husband hates Seattle. The gloomy days are just too gloomy for him and there is really no amount of sunshine that can make up for it in his mind. He wants out and there are things in the works that could realistically send us somewhere else sometime very soon.

Which leads me to thinking about all the things I want to do before we leave. The top left corner of the U.S. seems so far away to where we could be headed that I am afraid I might never make it back. This weekend, we can cross one thing off that unwritten bucket list; The San Juan Islands. We are headed to Orcas Island with some friends and we are really excited about the getaway. The house is almost clean and the bags are pretty much packed. There's only a slight issue with getting onto the ferry but I think it will all figure itself out. We will either leave for Anacortes tonite or at four in the morning tomorrow, either way, we will get there.

Other things I want to do include...

Visit Vancouver/B.C.
Drink Pinot Noir in Willamette Valley
Hike the "basecamp" of Mt. Rainier
Eat at Earnest Loves Agnes
Put gum on The Gumwall (so grroooosss but so tempting....)
Eat dinner at dusk at the restaurant that sits atop the Space Needle
Go back to Portland to do some tax free shopping
Do a boozy brunch cruise with friends
Take the littles to see The Troll (have avoided him until now)
Go shopping for "can't live withouts" by myself in Pioneer Square and Capitol Hill

...and whatever else you think I should do before leaving the PNW.