An Updated Bedroom For My Kids

I have been scratching my head on how to decorate the kids' room for months now because the design needs to be gender-neutral while still being whimsy and fun for both. Since we are planning to putting the house on the market at the end of the summer, it's either do or die at this point to come up with something simple and sweet that the littles can enjoy without investing a ton of effort or money.

To save money, I am going to work around their existing beds from the land of nod. I need to address the importance of providing some much needed storage and want to introduce some new layers of lighting. This preliminary mood board is a starting point but you'll have to wait to see how I pull it all together. I'm obviously going for a safari theme with the paper mache animal heads but I want to add a touch of bohemian flare...

Maybe when this is all said and done, the littles will love their new room so much, that they'll want to sleep in their beds (instead of ours) the entire night? 

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