Dope Hotels that Actually Have Character

There is a lot of talk about hotels and hospitality in general in our family. What we like, who's doing something new, what big brands are buying out other big brands and also what we want to do one day when we stop working for the man and start working on our passion project; our own hotel.

Not sure exactly what is in the cards for the future but it doesn't hurt to look at who's doing things right. Sure, the big corporate hotels are good as far as knowing what you are going to get. I mean some places infuse the same scent in their hotels so whether you are on the East Coast or the West, overseas or in Idaho; it smells the SAME. I find it weird but some find if comforting.

Hotel Covell: I pretty much love everything about this place. Intimate, thoughtfully designed, a spot on twist on what we think of when we imagine a B&B. Check out the green panel tufted banquet (not shown here). It's everything.
The Jennings Hotelis the first kickstarter created hotel and is also an artist residency. When you go to book a room it takes you to the airbnb website which I find interesting. I feel like hotels are adverse to using a site like that but I think hotels will begin to accept it as an opportunity eventually.
Ace Hotel Los AngelosI have long been a fan of Ace Hotels as I feel like they helped pioneer the affordable, non traditional but extremely well designed hotel concept. I think they have helped encourage consumers and owners to think more creatively when it comes to the overnight stay.
Hotel G San FranciscoI stayed here a year ago and I loved everything about this hotel. With a nod to mid century design, a great location and attention to detail, they are #winning. I know that this particular property struggled to find it's voice in the past and wrestled so much with union litigation that they literally shut the building down for a few years to remedy the problem, if you will. It seems like the new ownership finally got things right. There is nothing they did not think of when designing this spot, it's really a tucked away gem.
The Palladium: is a newer hotel in Seattle, owned by Kimpton and already making a name for itself here in the Emerald City. 

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